Intelligent Security Solution

Integrated Physical Security Solutions
for Business

Video Surveillance

Elevate your security with cutting-edge video surveillance technology. At Tech Solutions Group, we bring you the power of AI and video analytics.

Access Control

Take control of who enters and exits your space with our sophisticated access control solutions. Tech Solutions Group provides systems that are more than just locks and keys.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Tech Solutions Group offers a comprehensive range of sensors and alarms designed to detect any intrusion attempts, providing you with immediate alerts and peace of mind.

Intercom Systems

Enhance your communication capabilities with our intercom systems. Whether it’s for a multi-tenant facility or a business campus, Tech Solutions Group provides intercom solutions

Central Monitoring Services

Tech Solutions Group is dedicated to providing top-tier Central Monitoring Services that offer continuous surveillance of your security systems.

Network Cable Infrastructure

Reliable network cable infrastructure is critical to any security system. At Tech Solutions Group, we understand the importance of a well-designed network.